Women Necklaces

Women Necklaces
Antares Maratea Glass Bead Necklace Women Clothing ZO3JODFH0
£55.95 £19.39

Inspiring creative self expression, the Antares Maratea glass bread necklace promises a magnificent ..

Christina Brampti Long Rope Circle Necklace Women Clothing MZ8767MWL
£52.88 £17.53

Sure to add an individual look to your attire this Christina Brampti long rope circle necklace promi..

Christina Brampti Single Rope Tube Necklace Women Clothing 12PREGGGL
£40.92 £20.45

Perfectly designed to complement any attire this season, the Christina Brampti single rope tube neck..

Christina Brampti Single Rope Tube Necklace Women Clothing 3ARW5RWXF
£56.98 £19.18

Perfectly designed to complement any attire this season, the Christina Brampti single rope tube neck..

Gas Bijoux Blue Gaia Feather Earrings Women Clothing 9MZJXXQJ6
£40.84 £17.11

Presenting a beautiful half moon silhouette, the Gas Bijoux Gaia earrings are adorned in an eccentri..

Gas Bijoux Buzios Feather Earrings Women Clothing H2Y2YMEW5
£51.85 £22.46

Beautifully handcrafted in France these Gas Bijoux Buzios earrings are sure to add a dose of eccentr..

Gas Bijoux Gold & Blue Buzios Small Feather Earrings Women Clothing 26EELU0VD
£41.86 £18.31

Add a characterful statement to any look this season with the Gas Bijoux Buzios earrings. Delicately..

Gas Bijoux Marly Hoop Earrings Women Clothing CBXKR16XH
£45.88 £24.15

Brilliantly designed to dazzle all of your glamorous attires these Gas Bijoux Marly hoop earrings of..

Gas Bijoux Tortoise Lodge Hoop Earrings Women Clothing VFTWSC6QS
£59.87 £21.60

Create showstopping statement this season with the Gas Bijoux Lodge hoop earrings. Featuring an exag..

Jianhui Black & Gold Crocheted Wooden Bead Necklace Women Clothing Z4HM6BH6A
£44.84 £16.80

Adorned in hand-painted crocheted wooden beads this Jianhui necklace is a true work of art. With it'..

Jianhui Multi Three Strand Ceramic Bead Necklace Women Clothing VSS3TP1JW
£55.81 £16.76

Channelling a highly artistic look, the Jianhui three strand bead necklace is a perfect glamorous st..

Laruicci Etam Hoop Earrings Women Clothing TTZTF29MB
£39.91 £19.66

The Laruicci Etam hoop earrings are the definition of contemporary glamour. Crafted from a brass bas..

Monies Black Ebony Chunky Structured Bracelet Women Clothing DY6DK4LE5
£43.83 £19.74

The Monies ebony chunky structured bracelet guarantees to deliver a stylish edge to your dressy atti..

Monies Brown Long Ebony Pendant Necklace Women Clothing 4CAUYEH96
£52.80 £24.34

Adorned in lustrous gold foil coating this Monies necklace has been lovingly handmade from genuine e..

Monies Ebony Striped Clip On Earrings Women Clothing 4LQ84TCQA
£40.96 £19.18

Accent your outfits with the Monies ebony striped clip on earrings. Embodying the label's nature-ins..

Nouv-Elle White Pebble Stone Necklace Women Clothing T0IKAYT52
£46.90 £16.88

Adorned in a multitude of various stones this Nouv-Elle necklace offers an organic look for the fash..

Rosantica Three Piece Isabel Bracelet Women Clothing RXN48L4VQ
£56.00 £15.92

Add a pop of vividness to your everyday attire with the Rosantica three piece Isabel bracelet. The s..

Trois Design Lilian Long Pendant Necklace Women Clothing EX7KWDC90
£53.82 £15.91

Beautifully made to give your outfit an individual upgrade this Trois Design Lilian long pendant nec..

Vivienne Westwood Accessories Bumble Charm Bracelet Women Clothing A4J9QZTVX
£54.87 £25.45

Inspired by the beautiful English countryside, the Vivienne Westwood Accessories Bumble bracelet has..

Vivienne Westwood Accessories Mini Bas Relief Earrings Women Clothing LRUF67REM
£51.84 £19.80

Part of the label's classic collection the Vivienne Westwood Mini Bas Relief earrings prominently fe..

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